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Snug Harbor Marina Boat Club

Exclusive Guntersville Boat Club Membership

  I’m pleased to offer you an invitation to our Snug Harbor Marina Boat club. Deciding to become a member of our boat club membership could be very beneficial to you. Save yourself the hassle of upkeeping a boat whilst enjoying the benefits of a new boat! We do all the upkeeping, servicing, washing, and storage for the boats, meanwhile they’re ready for you to ride upon arrival.

  Our boats are stored at 50 Snug Harbor Rd. located in Grant, Al. There’s a selection of five beautiful boats that you can choose from: Two Premier Tritoons (230 RL/ 230 RF), Two Nitro Fishing Boats, and one NXT 22 Mastercraft.

  Beyond the thrill of navigating the open waters, our club fosters a vibrant community that’s perfect for corporate events. Our club would grant you access to our lake, eateries at the pavilion which is on site, and AC Restrooms! As a club member, you will also have access to kayaks and Towables.

We believe the benefits are worth the investment. Our Invitation is limited to twenty members. For a one-time initiation fee of $10,000,
and a monthly membership fee of $500 with an annual 5% increase due to accommodate changes in the cost of living, you will gain exclusive access to a world of boating excellence and camaraderie.

Snug Harbor Marina &
Boat Club

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