124 Snug Harbor

124 Snug Harbor Road
Grant Alabama

Exclusive Marina Club Amenities

  At the heart of the Snug Harbor Marina Club lies a commitment to providing an exceptional marina and boating experience for all our members. Our club, nestled within the tranquil surroundings of 124 Snug Harbor, offers a suite of exclusive amenities designed to enhance your lakeside leisure:

Unparalleled Access:
  Enjoy unfettered access to our state-of-the-art boat ramp, ensuring your boating adventures begin with ease and efficiency.

Comfort and Convenience:
  Our meticulously maintained bathrooms and shower facilities are reserved exclusively for our club members, providing comfort and privacy.

Celebration and Gathering:
  Planning an event by the water has never been more enticing with our reduced rates on event bookings, available only to our cherished members.

Priority Services: Elevate your boating experience with priority access to our diverse fleet of boat rentals, from pontoon pleasures to bass boat adventures.

Community and Governance
Leadership and Community

  The Snug Harbor Marina Club isn't just about the amenities; it's about building a community. Our governance structure ensures the club runs smoothly and aligns with our members' best interests:

Engaged Leadership: Regular meetings of our appointed officers keep the club's operations streamlined and member-focused.

Member Involvement: While the daily operations are in the hands of our dedicated officers, the heart of the club remains with its members, admitted through a meticulous application process that includes an investigation and ballot approval, ensuring a harmonious community aligned in its passion for boating and lakeside living.

A Social, National, and Patriotic Hub
Pillars of Pride

  Our club transcends the ordinary, aiming to be a beacon for social, national, and patriotic engagement within the community:

Monthly Engagements: Our board members, elected to guide the club, convene monthly, ensuring the club remains vibrant and dynamic.

A United Purpose: The Snug Harbor Marina Club is more than a marina; it's a symbol of communal and national pride, offering a gathering place for those who share a deep appreciation for the marina lifestyle and the values we hold dear.

Membership Criteria and Contributions
The Gateway to Membership

  Becoming a part of the Snug Harbor Marina Club is a distinguished privilege, reflecting a shared commitment to the club's ethos and the lifestyle it promotes:

Selective Admission: Membership is a badge of honor, awarded through a careful process that includes written applications, thorough investigations, and approval by our discerning board members.

Contributions to Continuity: The lifeblood of our club, the yearly dues of $250, ensures we can continue offering the high standard of facilities, events, and community engagements our members deserve.

A Sanctuary for Leisure and Adventure
Epicenter of Leisure

  At the Snug Harbor Marina Club, we believe in the harmony of leisure and adventure, encapsulated within the marina's offerings and the club's unique perks:

Leisure and Luxury: With access to playground equipment and the privilege to purchase and consume alcohol within our premises, we cater to all aspects of leisure, ensuring a well-rounded marina experience.

Adventure Awaits: The essence of the club is captured in the spirit of adventure, whether it's a serene day spent on the lake aboard our rental boats or a family fishing expedition that turns an ordinary day into a treasure trove of memories.

Identity and Security
Guardians of Privacy

   In a world where safety and security are paramount, the Snug Harbor Marina Club places a premium on ensuring a secure environment for all our members:

Comprehensive Identification: We employ a thorough identification process, including facial recognition and the validation of critical documents like driver's licenses, boat permits, and more, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all our members and their families.

Snug Harbor Marina Membership Application

[PRINTABLE FORM]New Member Fees:$250 Payable by Cash, Check or OnlineSnug Harbor Marina LLC50 Snug Harbor Road Grant Alabama 35747NO SOLICITING 


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